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1 Driver Support Systems

The increased safety is the Volvo home and our driver support is enforced to ensure that the driver is able to avoid accidents

2 Cabin cabins

The cabins are characterized by a new design that is larger than the previous ones and also contains many new features

3 Deal with loads

After ECS4 is the last home of Volvo’s comment, what is the biggest news? Wireless controller

4 Fuel ClauseReducing costs and emissions is essential and should be easy and it is our intention to develop a number of important service components that will nudge fuel 5 run timeWhen you choose Fufu as your partner, you know that you have reached all the services that will help you stay on the road and offer the maximum productivity for your fleet and increase the length of operation 6 System Any ShiftThe world’s best cockroaches are yet to be mastered and have been supplied with a fuel-saving program 7 Volvo diesel enginesFuel efficiency and torque with a strong torque of up to 520 hp 13 liter capacity 8 Front endDynamic front lights, fixed turn lights, enhanced light and so on 9 Rear MirrorsA streamlined design for mirrors, rear-view cameras and new front-end menus provide you with an unprecedented royce 10  controlIntroducing the Volvo Dynamic Guidance System, a new innovation for a new era 11 Total of metersThe new and innovative design is designed for driver comfort and provides all information in the right place


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Layout / number of cylinders 6 Cylinder Inline
Displacement 7.2 Litre
Engine Layout Diesel Engine
Horespower 280 hp
@ rpm 2,500 rpm
Torque 1050Nm / (1200-1700) rpm
Compression ratio 4.13
Top Track Speed 90 km/h
0 - 60 mph 60 s
Manual Gearbox 9-speed
Length 9036 mm
Width 2550 mm
Height 2925 mm
Wheelbase 5495 mm
Maximum payload 739 lbs
Curb weight 7473 kg
Make: VOLVO Trucks
Model: FH
Transmission: 14-speed manual / 12speed I-Shift
Condition: Brand New
Engine: 330/370/400/440/480

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