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1 empty chassis If the upper structure requires this empty space, the Volvo FM truck can often be equipped with all the equipment on one side so that the designer can take advantage of the other side of the truck

2 The ABOM unit in the locomotives

The control unit was moved to the area between the chassis structure to provide more space for the installed chassis equipment and fuel tanks3 Fuel tankIf you, like most of the people, refueling is one of the things you want to do with the lowest prices and the lowest times, so you can clear a truck and the beans and a large range of fuel tanks of different shapes and positions and elevations and sizes and materials also vary sizes (150-900) liters and can be combined in many ways to double the fuel capacity 4 Battery packWe have moved the battery pack 300 mm to add nine of the 100-120 liters of fuel, but not all that can also be installed in the back and completely removed in the air suspension locomotives and this equivalent to 300 liters of extra fuel area and facilitates the process Build the body of the truck

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Layout / number of cylinders 6 Cylinder Inline
Displacement 7.2 Litre
Engine Layout Diesel Engine
Horespower 280 hp
@ rpm 2,500 rpm
Torque 1050Nm / (1200-1700) rpm
Compression ratio 4.13
Top Track Speed 90 km/h
0 - 60 mph 60 s
Manual Gearbox 9-speed
Length 9036 mm
Width 2550 mm
Height 2925 mm
Wheelbase 5495 mm
Maximum payload 739 lbs
Curb weight 7473 kg
Make: VOLVO Trucks
Model: FM
Transmission: 14-speed manual / 12speed I-Shift
Condition: Brand New
Engine: 330/370/400/440/480

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