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Wheeled Pavers

P5770c ABG, P5870c ABG, P6870c ABG

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The P5770C ABG series P4770C 4-wheel asphalt bearings are ideal for small pave jobs and use large rear wheels to provide maximum capacity. Front wheels provide additional assistance for rotation and steering. Regardless of operating conditions, this equipment provides an ideal traction force for smooth results. The Volvo P5770C ABG series asphalt asphalt pumps are designed to provide high performance and precision in pavement projects

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Engine capacity 129 kW
Basic width 2.5 m
Maximum boot width 7.5 m
The production of paving 500 tons / hour
Maximum layer thickness 300 mm
The capacity of the feeding container 12 tons
The weight of the tractor 13,850 kg
Model: Pavers

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